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The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and your Keyperson’s Role

We recognize that every child is individual and deserves the best possible start in life and we actively support and encourage all the areas of learning and development by following you, the parent/carer, together with the EYFS framework (Early Years Foundation Stage Framework).
The EYFS framework enables each child to learn through the highest quality of play and education as it is tailored to meet individual needs. It is made up of 7 areas of learning (Communication & Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the world & Expressive Arts and Design), giving our early years children the foundation they need for their future learning.
When your child starts at nursery they will be assigned a specific staff member, known as your Keyperson. Your key person helps to ensure that every child’s learning and development is personalised to meet their individual needs and supports both child and parent/carer in becoming comfortable and secure in their new setting and surroundings.

Your child’s keyperson will become a familiar face and a significant person mentoring your child’s progression and achievements and sharing information with you. The keyperson will work closely in partnership with you as they regularly assess your child’s learning and development. Ofsted congratulated us on our Keyperson system calling it “Unique” as all our staff rotates to work within all the rooms at nursery, thereby ensuring that in the absence of your key person there is always someone who knows your child and can continue with their learning assessments. Regular assessments are done to ensure your child’s needs are being fully met, and that continued promotion of an excellent and challenging learning environment is achieved so that every child can best the best they can be.

Our assessments are done through observation and photo evidence and this progress of learning is all recorded on the nursery’s online diary system called “Tapestry.” This online diary is individual to every child and allows you (the parent/carer) to access it securely to view your child’s development, adding any of your photos, videos, or contributions from home. When it comes to your little one leaving our nursery your child’s diary of everything they have learned and achieved will be a lovely keepsake of their journey with us and helps us to pass on relevant educational data to their soon-to-be school.

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